Thursday, February 26, 2009

My tabard all pretty

As promised earlier in the blog I have finally embroidered my tabard so that no one can confuse me with either a St Florian Marine or Malitia. Just because it's purple and white does not mean it's a baroinial tabard people.

Here's the tabrd with the bottom Rose complete. I applied embroidery thread over the opposite coloured drill. I attached the opposing colour drill to the tabard with a heat bond material; you iron it too the material and it sticks which also seals your seams which is cool. The down side however is the instructions tell you to cut the excess off after you've ironed the heat bond to the cut out piece; DO NOT DO THIS. It should be the other way around, cut the excess off before ironing the heat bond to the cut out piece. Sorry mum I ruined your ironing board cover; yes the excess heat bond is now bonded to the ironing board cover but it's ok we found the exact same one as she had already on there.

The stitch I used was split stitch. Then I couched a craft "ribbion" around the outer edge of the roses. I dont really like the effect of the outer edge becuase the ribbion is so thick you loose the detail of the curves of the rose. Although couching is a hell of a lot quicker than split stitch.
Here's a close up of my white rose; it was the first one I completed. I completed the first rose over two days.
Here's the finish product with all three roses finished. The last two roses took a day each to complete. The first of the two purple roses was completed over two sessions on the same day and the last rose was completed mostly in one session it took about four and a half hours (I was most of the way through 2 discs of the making/extras of lord of the rings). So it's all done and ready for the tournment on saturday. Although it needs an iron (heaven forbid touching the iron again) as the embroidery hoop left marks as you can see.

Mum's Present

I ended up timing the completion of my project to conenside with valentines although that was never my intention, but don't tell mum that. I started the project in january so it either took two or three weeks I'm not really sure. It's from a shop bought kit. I had to buy the mid purple though because it had a blue thread in the pack instead of a third shade of purple. Over all I think it's really pretty. I bought a roses kit for myself I just havn't gotten around to starting it yet. In case you can't tell it's cross stitch by the way.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I went to attempt a pattern that Stanzi directed me to on the saint florian website; I got as far as marking out the four panels on my material when I got to the last one it turned out that my material was short by 5cm. I needed 3 meters of fabric and I thought I had 3 sadly I was wrong and that pattern has been put aside until I buy more fabric.

Once again I have attempted to make a chemise and this time it worked wonderfully. The only issue I had with making this chemise is my overlocker is having issues the tension was too tight causeing the thread to snape and everything to just go horribly wrong.

I used a patern for a "spanish chemise" which I found on some website somewhere. I should really keep better records but I generally just grab and save or copy and paste so no records. I did cheat with my chemise I machine sewed everything including the bias which forms the tube for the ribbion so machine sewing is visable along the neck and cuffs.

All in all I think it worked pretty well.

What we have here is what I like to call Viking Pants. They are not perriod at all but everyone wears them. I would not consider wearing them to a normal event I made them specifically for festival, they are to be worn under my blue or pickish t tunic. These ones worked out better then my last pair of pants. My last pair are the right length from the hip to foot but are the wrong length from the hip to crutch; I forgot to adjust the crutch length when I added the allowance for the cord pocket at the top of the pants. This pair of pants are my third attempt my first pair were usless some how I ended up with a pair of pants that wouldn't pull on past my knee. This pair however I am very happy with. The are bright and yellow and hiddeous and awesome as they should be when they arn't perriod at all :D.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Venitian is complete

The sleves look much better with a band of gold braid along the bottom. I think they are so pretty. Becuase I had already sewn up the sleves twice I wasn't going to unpick them in order to machine sew the braid on so I carefully hand stitched the braid on.Doesn't the dress look more finished with the braid on the sleves.

A close up of the pretty gold bows holding the sleves on :)
Yesterday I completed my partlet. I thought of copying Liza and machine sewing the back and finishing the front with hand done stitches but seeing as it's so small I desided to hand sew the entire piece. My partlet is now the first piece I've made that is complely hand sewn.
That brings construction of the Venitian dress to an end. It is now completely wearable and probably the prettiest dress I own to date. My next big project is a tudor dress, more to come on that later :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

I thought the dress was finished

So I just completed attaching the ribbions to the selves and the rings to the dress. I tied the selves onto the dress and made the ties into 10 pretty gold bows. I hung it up and was looking at it. It just doesn't appear to be finished, the sleves don't look like they are part of the dress. I had considered adding the gold braid to the edge of the selves and I think I may just have to. I just don't think it looks quiet finished with plain selves. It looks like I'm off to Spotlight to buy more of the braid to give the finishing touch to the dress. All that remains to be done for the dress now is the partlet. I found the material today hidden in my box of "to use" material. In other words I have a box of material which has a purpose it just hasn't gotten that far yet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Close to Completion

I am now very close to completion of my Venitian dress. Tonight I have just finished the hand sewn hems on the selves. However this is the second time I've done this to these exact selves. Earlier this week I thought I had completed them however when I pulled them on they were much to big. They were infact an inch too big. Silly me added 2 lots of seam allowance not just once. So this morning I unpicked the hand sewn seams and machine stiched seams. I resewed the sew with the machine and re-overlocked the edges cuting away the extra half inch from each side. During the Baronial meeting today I got one of the sleves completed; two hand stitched seams. After the meeting and then again after work I worked on the remaining selve. Now I have two selves that are almost complete. Now all I have to do is attach the 5 gold ribions as laces and the 5 brass rings to the puff selves of each side of the dress so that the selves can be attached to the dress. Once I have completed the selves all that is left is the partlet. I have borrowed Liza's partlet and I have the material. I just need to find the time. I still have 2 chemises and a pair of viking pants to complete for festival not to mention starting my tudor dress.