Friday, January 23, 2009

Ysambart's rondel

Well having never stitched any period embroidery excluding seam treatments I for some reason agreeded to attempt to create a heraldic rondel for Ysambart Courtin. I decided to use split stitch all I had to go by was a photocopied booklet of perriod stitches which had been given to me by a laurel at some stage. So here is my day by day account. The rondel has now been posted to Polit and is hopefully attached to a royal gaurd cloak.

Day One: I got a lot done on the first day; I must have had nothing better to do. The outer circle is the size of a beetroot can and the inner circles are the size 10c pieces. I marked th elines with sharpie as you would neve see the lines once they have been covered by embroidery.

Day Two: not so much done today but it was better than nothing.
Day Three: Well at least I got more done than the day before.
Day Four: I finished of all the blue! Hurray! Isn't odd how blue on blue makes the blue thread look totally differnet.
Day Five: I must have had a lot of free time this day. By this time I would have been on holidays too on the sunshine coast. I took the embroidey with me how sad :P.
Day Six: This must have been the day I went to the beach or maybe BliBli. Did you know there's a sandstone castle in Queensland, how crazy. It is awesome to run around the towers and on the roof looking at the rolling hills. I can't say much for their empolyee's outfits though they were not period at all and their dress up box consisted of fairy wings and plastic helmets with horns, I naturally skiped the dressing up.
Day Seven: I completed this very late at night but I just had to get it done and done it is. I think it's pretty. It's not perfect but I'm probably the only one whoes going to notice.
Not knowing how this was supposed to be done I made it up as I went. The base for the embroidery was two pieces of drill with a piece of denium inbetween to give it some structure. I worked from the ouside in which led to the material bunching up in places which is slightly visible in the photos and just means that the piece isn't flat how I would have liked it. Over all though I am very happy with how the rondel turned out and I hope ysambart wear's it well for the reign.