Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making a plain cardigan intersting

I could not justify spending as much as alternative clothing stores charge for their cardigans. I really like the bright and embellished rock a billy cardigans you can buy but they are not cheap.

So I set out to buy a plain black cardigan. Kmart were selling them cheap. It's a nice light cardigan that's comfortable when it is cool but not cold.
Next I ordered some cool little candy skull buttons from ebay. It was only a few dollars for a packet of 50. I removed the black buttons and replaced them with the red skulls. While at spotlight I found some gold and black skull and cross bone embroidered iron on patches. I sewed the patches onto the cuffs of the sleeves.

For under $10 in extras I turned a boring black cardigan into an interesting rock a billy cardigan that did not cost me a fortune. I cannot remember what I paid for the cardigan but being kmart I would guess it was around $10. My cardigan is also unique which is a bonus.

My Last SCA project

At the time I didn't know it would be my last project. I slowly moved away from the SCA. Priorities have changed and I'm not sure if I will return. Fighting is no longer physically an option for me.

I made some household patches for the house of hurts. They are simple but they are bight. They are made from two layers of yellow felt and one layer of blue felt.

I cut two circles out of the yellow felt and one smaller circle out of the blue felt.
The blue smaller circle is sewn onto one of the yellow circles.
The two yellow circles are then joined. The yellow was a lighter felt that needed two layers to look solid the blue was much darker/denser and only needed one layer. Sewing the blue circle on first hides the blue stitches on the back of the patch.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Red and Black Spanish

Going back over my older posts I found a post about things I was thinking about making. Well I did make a few things off that list before I stopped really playing in the SCA. I did make the Red and Black Spanish Dress and I did make a Spanish headdress and decorated a hat.

 The Fake Spanish headdress. I used to try to actually get a wrap to stay in my hair around a braid but it never worked very well. This headdress is held in my a hair clip at the front.
 Close up details on the sleeves. I really loved using the pearls to hold the strips together.
 Please ignore the discolouration by the flash the hat is a dark black with a velvet band and hand made red tassels. Loops inside the hat are pinned to the headdress to hold it on.
The completed dress at the event.