Friday, November 28, 2008


Here is a few hours work. It kind of fits but isn't quiet right. This was my first attempt at a chemise. I found the pattern online; it was an sca web page of some description. One of the issues is it said to take the arm measurements from the point of the shoulder where as I found out after I put it together that the measurement should be taken from the neck so my arms are about 2 inches too short. I covered this by creating cuffs. Although I made a mistake on the cuffs and they are about an inch too big; I know where I made the mistake and that was all my doing as the pattern didn't mention cuffs at all.

Another issue is it gave no guidelines as to how wide the body measurement should be. I measured around the biggest part of my body and added 5 or so inches onto it and seam allowance. Although the chemise fits it isn't baggy like I would prefer.
I think the Pattern meant for you to use the whole width of the fabric however the fabric I had was just over a meter and a half wide, so it would have been far too much.

The pattern also gave no instructions on how to do the neck line. I looked at some photos from our local groups page and saw that the ladies wear chemises with square necks so I made a square neck. However because it is so small there is no gathering at the neck.

Here is the end product. It works but isn't perfect. It is only like $3 worth of fabric and a few dollars worth of bias and thread. the ribbion came from old clothes (you know the little loops you're supposed to hang the clothes by). It was a learning experience. I have another pattern for a spanish chemise which seems like a much better pattern. I have the fabric and such for that already so i'll experiment with that at some point in the future. I'll post more about it when I've completed it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


As per Morde and Liza's suggestion I have been I have been painstakingly coving the eyelet holes of the corset in cotton. I was using a dounble threaded needle. In total it took two days. I would do about half of the eyelets in the morrning and the other half at night. I did this while watching tv. The first photo is after I completed the first half.
I didn't touch th corset again for a few days. I completed the eyelets on Thursday. I watched Indian Jones and the Crystal skull, Life after humans (a documentary) and Bones. I'm not really happy with how they turned out. If I spent more time on them I could cover all the cooper so that there is no metal showing through. But I think what i've done works. One eyelet on the second side was difficult because the upper disc overlaped with a section of boning so I had to go over the boning and under the edge; that eyelet looks really messay because of the angle.
Hopefully spending this time on the corset will extend it's life through the wear on the eyelets and make the lacing last longer because it wont be rubbing on metal.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Venetian is taking shape

My Venetian is starting to take shape. It's amazing how colours appear so different in different lights and with different backgrounds. Above is my bodice before I added the gold braid to add class and to create the pocket for the boning. At this point I had hand sewn the arm holes and the majority of the base leaving both ends open to tuck under the braid and an opening to slide the boning into.

Here is the view from the front with the gold braid attached.The bodice is sitting oddly I swear the braid is straighter then it looks. below is the back of the bodice with the braid attached. The braid is gorgeous and changes the look of the bodice completely. I love the blue though.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Second day of Uni holidays

Not long after my post last night I started the straps of the dress. I finished them today. The straps are stitched with the same colour and same thread as the neck line. I may in the future add the arrow stitch down the centre of the straps but for now I am happy with what I have done. I considering even adding some embroider to the plain white under dress I made to go under this dress. Now all I need is the brooches and I can wear my dress.

The Viking dress

So it's my first week day free of exams what do I do? I go shopping for the denim so I can start my Venetian. Well I got the denim but got called in to help mum at the store she works at. By the time I finally got home I had a headache, I thought I would start the bodice later in the night but by the time my head cleared it was getting late and I didn't want to muck up my fabric. So I decided to embroider instead. Here's some pictures of the top of my 10th Century Viking dress.

Next off I'm going to do the same blanket stitch in the same red along both edges of the straps. I am even considering doing a run of arrow stitch down the centre of the straps as well. Now all I have to do is save up for the brooches, they will be the most expensive part of the dress.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exam are almost over

I still have two exams to go however during study week when I needed a break I'd do a few minutes of embroidery/seam treatment on my Viking dress while watching tv. I finally completed the yellow seam treatment on my Viking dress however it looks like it needs more :) So I've gone and bought some red cotton to put around the top and on the straps. I'll post pictures once I start that.
Last saturday about 12 people from Saint Florian descended upon an unsuspecting fabric shop at Redcliffe. We end up spending over three and a half hours going through everything. They had a lot of really nice fabric however we end up leaving most of it there as we just couldn't think of any outfit we needed it for at the momet.

This is what I did buy however: A light weight cotton with gold thread running though it for a partlet for a veneitan dress (to go with my pretty corset).

Here is a hidious yellow tartan that I just oculd not refuse to buy. i'm going to make hidious viking pants because lets face it they arn't perriod anyway so why not make them loud. Baggy pants are perriod for other cultures just not vikings. But they are comfortable.
Here's more fabric I didn't need to buy: this one came out of the remanents bin; it is a really nice gold but my camera just wont capture the colour. I'm going to use this for a for part of a tudor. I'm making a tudor dress based on a Catherine of Aragon painting for a tudor event next year (I get to be the Queen of England).
This beautiful piece came from spotlight (OMG) it is destined to be a venitian. :) I spent weeks and lots of running around trying to find a blue jacquard which did not have the stupid rubber curtain backing on it.
Here is my first pair of hidious un perriod Viking pants. Who knew that I could mess them up (ok I did). Although they fit next time i'm going to allow more in the cruch. Also I put a needle through one of my eylets; neither the needle/machine or eylet liked that.
I just need to buy some heavy non strech denium and I can start making my venitian; I still need to deside on what trims and where to put them but at least I know which colour's I'm using. I still have the material for 2 chemises sitting in a bag which I need to really get around to starting. I still need to find cheap viking brooches to hold up my viking dress and beads; I havn't had much luck with those.

I thought that I had already posted my corset but I was wrong so here's my gorgeous corset which was given to me by Duchess Asa who no longer fits it in. Although the photo quality isn't great it is a beautiful white Jacquard.