Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am so slack when it comes to blogging

Ok so this is the crazy part of the uni semester; I have 5 assignments due next week and only one complete so far. It's after 11pm and I can't sleep so I thought I'd finally update my blog. Seeing as I've been busy with uni I haven't really done a lot; just quick 'needs to be done this weekend' stuff for demos and such.

Vambraces: well I tried to do them on my own but I failed in achieving prefection and I can't stand less then perfection (thanks for that dad). Well dad came to the rescue and took over while I did other things (Like sew a tabard). Here was my effort: And here is me wearing the awesome end product:
Some of you might notice that that is not a a St Florians' marines tabard. That is my attempt at a simplified version of my own device. However there are so many things wrong with it; it is too long, the shoulders are too wide, it's too big in general except the neck hole which is too small and most people thought it was a marines tabard :(.
When I wasn't parading around in my armour at the Brisbane medieval fayre I was attempting to get some of my embroidery done on my 10th Century outfit; I got very little done (I had to keep going and trying to convince more people to come play with us).

I have bought material to make 2 chemises and a pair of viking baggy pants (which seem the opposite to what is actually perriod but they look comfy and will be good for camping). I have also been asked to come sewing on sundays with the Baroness and her lady; they are bored now that they have made all they want and so they want to pass knowledge onto me.

On another note I got a sexy new laptop which I think it awesome:
I had to buy the sticker off ebay because I'm a giant nerd and proud of it. I also assume that if you're reading this that you are also a giant nerd :P