Friday, June 19, 2009

Boxes and Pearls

Here is the latest box I've painted. I have painted five others previously but neglected to take any photos before giving them away as presents. The first one I painted was a thankyou presents to Siridean who sponosored me at festival last year. The box I did for him has the St Florian device on it as he was the champion at the time. I did one for Ysambart with his device on it. Then this festival I did one each for the King and Queen. The king got Lochac's colours and the Queen got one in her favourite colours. I then did one for Berenger seeing as he had been king previously. This latest box is for Bethan in her favourite colours which just happen to be the kingdom colours. Another view. Saddly I can not get the boxes I used to from the same source. This box is rounded on the top unlike the other ones which were just square. I actually prefer this style and it works out to be about the same price. I would like to one day be able to make my own boxes then paint them up.
This is one of my earlier boxes. It is larger then the other ones I've done. I painted it up for myself for in my room.

This is the inside of the box: I lined it in purple felt. Most of the boxes I've made have been lines with felt. Yay Pearls. I havn't created any of these pieces myself. I brought them or were given them. Below is my pretty pearl earings that my mother gave to me for christmas which were intended for use with my SCA dresses (thanks mum).
This is just a simple necklace with pearls that tapper in size. It is not as nice as my long necklace though; this one is made from plastic. It does not sit as well as other necklaces because of it's lack of weight. You can't go past a bargin though :)
I love this necklace. It is made from glass beads so it has the weight and shine of real pearls without the cost. I brought it for use with either my venitian or my tudor maybe both :) the idea is you wrap it around you neck like a chocker once then let the rest of the chain hand down at the front. Where it reaches the bodice it is tucked in.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tudor the Beginings

In November I bought a remnant piece of material for my tudor forpart. Well after all this time I have finally beaded the forepart. Althought the beading really did not take that long it has taken a long time to find the time to to it and then construct the underskirt. Here is a close up of the beading: I used nasty plastic beads that I got for $1 a packet at BigW.

Below is the complete skirt. All the machine sewing was completed on mothers day weekend but with assignments and just life in general I did not get around to finishing it until yesterday. After many weeks of constant assignments and sickness I decided to do nothing uni related yesterday. I sat in the lounge room watching 3 doctor who dvds with Tom Baker (from the 70s) and hand sewing all day. With the forepart the skirt does not look that impressive from the front.

From the back however you can see just how much material went into it. There is 3 metres of material gathered into that little waist band. It took me two goes to gather one side; the other week I almost had it gathered all the way when the gathering threads snapped. Yesterday it all went smoothly and worked first time. I was going to use a large hook and eye to close the back but when I tried the skirt on it seems it is not long enough to sit that high up on my waist so I sewed on some satin lace so that it is adjustable and can therefore be worn lower.