Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mundane Creativness

So I finished my dress and the event went great. So what do I do with my spare time now. On Friday night I unpicked two pieces of what was once curtains. From these two pieces I made two curtains one for each window in the "bungalow" aka the Shed up the back. Here is one of them; looks much better than the towels that have been pegged over the windows for years.

So what to do Monday? I dont have uni on a Monday so I was home all day. Mum had told me she was sick of seeing the cushion on my bed that my grandmother gave me when I was little. It is a hot pink Barbie cushion that looks really out of place. My curtains were made for my room and I had a small off cut that was just not wide enough for the cushion. However last year I made a blue spanish dress; the blue was close enought to look ok.
Here is the finished project. I tried to make it like a pillow case withouth a zip of buttons but it wouldn't sit closed so I attached two press studs to the back to hold it closed. I am really pleased with it and it looks much better in my room now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

French Hood and the Night

The French hood was looking a little naked in my last post. The gold beads did not arrive in time so I used the left overs from my belt. I think it turned out really nice and it matched my belt :) The peals and gold beads are threaded onto beading wire then I stitched inbetween ever single bead; they are well and truely sucured to the had. Close up :)

When I tried it on in the mirror the front edge seems to be lost with the focus on the beads which were further back so I added a row of tiny plastic seed pearls to the front edge.
On The Night :) Here is what everyone has been waiting for this is the complete outfit on me. Here I am standing in front of the High Table.
Here is the King and Queen of France possing for photos before their guests arrived. There was much good wine, rich food, music and dancing had that night. There were so many pretty dresses and outfits.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pears and Gold Beads.

It was finally time to use those pearls and gold beads that I brought so long ago now. I have finally made my girdle belt. It actually did not take that long to complete. The hardest part was geting the wire to sit right inside the spliter. The spliter I used is actually a spacer which I had my dad drill 4 more holes in so that I could get the wire to changed direction through it. The drop is 60cm and the waist sections is slightly bigger than the waist of my dress here's hoping that it is big enough on the night. For ages I looked for something to hang off the end of the belt in the end i just used three left over 12mm pearls from the bodice and a few seed pearls.
The pearls for my French Hood arrived today but the gold bead have not so once I finished attaching the veil I moved onto something I thought I might do if I had time. I had the time so I did it. I added a row of pearls around the cuffs of the dress. Fingers crossed that the gold beads arrive tomorrow otherwise I'll have to use the left over gold beads from the belt.

French Hood of hoodness

On Sunday I started to work on my French Hood. I did not think it would take too long to cut out the buckrum and stitch the wire to the edges. I was saddly mistaken. It took me four hours to get to this point. The wire I end up using is copper 18 gage craft wire rather than 18 gage millinery wire which I was unable to get.

The Cresent on it's own.
The cresent siting on the brim.
Once the wire was attached to the buckrum I moved onto glueing felt onto the two pieces to add body to the hood. If it were made without felt in the construction the wire would show through the outer layer and the hood would be flat much like a piece fo cardboard. With the felt the end product is fuller and softer.
The felt once the glue had dried and the multitude of pegs were removed.
The outside of the hood is covered in satin and the inside is covered in broad cloth. The satin is too slipery to be on the inside the hood would slide straight off. The outerlayer was carfully handsewn on.
Here is the mostly completed hood. The Veil has been attached all that is left is to attach the pearls and gold beads once the gold beads arrive; the pearls finally arrived today. Below is the view from the back looking at the veil.