Monday, April 20, 2009


For Knights of the North I cooked some biscuts based on some articles I had read on perriod biscuits. Although I did not follow a perriod recipe the flavour of the biscuits was based on perriod ideas. I made three lots of perriod biscuits: cinnomin, nutmeg and ginger bread. I also made chocchip biscuits so that I had four batches.How my table looked at ht event, isn't it pretty? I prepared everything bar the bacon bread which one of the fighters bought along.
Mmm choc-chip cookies; I should find out if they are perriod or not.
Mmm the choc-chip batter.
The mess I made :)
Cinnomin cookies with cinnomin dusting sugar over the top.
The Tart shells; you get them from the freezer section at coles and just bake them for a few minutes. Add caremel from a tin and you have caremel tarts in seconds :)
This cake was not for the event; it was a caremel sticky date cake that I made one night. It was yummy but didn't cook in the centre.

I have a recipe for shortbread but ran out of time to make it for the event. I'm going to try and make it soon. Last time I tried to make it I failed misserably.