Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Doctor Who Tardis Dress Vouge V2902

My first attempt at using a commercial paper pattern and my first time using a zip. I owe a lot of the credit for the fit to a friend of mine whom helped me alter the bodice pattern.

This is the pattern I used:
I didn't take any progress photos and I didn't take a completed photo of the dress on its own before I added the doctor who embellishments.
 Here's the dress 90% complete. I only had the hem left to go here.
 Here's the completed dress.

I made the embellishments detachable. I used some pieces of fabric and painted the windows and the police box sign onto them then hand stitched them with fairly big loose stitches so they are easily detachable. The original idea was I would wear the dress to supernova and then remove the panels to just wear the dress as a nice plain 50s dress. 

The panels are still attached to the dress, I've worn it to a doctor screening and my mother has worn it to a doctor who themed party. The only issue I have with this dress is the front darts sit a bit odd if I'm not standing up straight which just isn't a flattering look.  

I hand stitched the zip in because I was really unsure about putting it in.

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