Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snow White Dress with modified Vouge Bodice

I was invited to a fancy dress party and I had a lot of time on my hands that week. I went out and bought some cheap yellow popin and a zip. The rest of the dress was made from left over scraps. I used the fabric pattern pieces for the vouge bodice. I wanted the bodice in just one colour without the contrasting straps/ pieces at the top. I pinned the bodice pieces together and cut them out as one piece. I decided to put the zip at the back rather than the side. This was a bit of a mistake because all i did was cut the back piece down the centre. The dress gaps a bit when zipped up. I also cut the bodice a little be deeper at the front.

I made little cap sleeves and appliqued scrap pieces of red fabric in diamond shapes. I know that the sleeves should be slashed with an under layer pulled through. I could have done another cheat and slashed the sleeves then sewed red pieces in the holes. From a distance I think they look ok. It's a bit dodgy but it was for a costume.

 I also made a quick cape from left over fabric. I didn't end up going to the party but it kept me amused that week and mum wore it to a different party.

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