Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making a plain cardigan intersting

I could not justify spending as much as alternative clothing stores charge for their cardigans. I really like the bright and embellished rock a billy cardigans you can buy but they are not cheap.

So I set out to buy a plain black cardigan. Kmart were selling them cheap. It's a nice light cardigan that's comfortable when it is cool but not cold.
Next I ordered some cool little candy skull buttons from ebay. It was only a few dollars for a packet of 50. I removed the black buttons and replaced them with the red skulls. While at spotlight I found some gold and black skull and cross bone embroidered iron on patches. I sewed the patches onto the cuffs of the sleeves.

For under $10 in extras I turned a boring black cardigan into an interesting rock a billy cardigan that did not cost me a fortune. I cannot remember what I paid for the cardigan but being kmart I would guess it was around $10. My cardigan is also unique which is a bonus.

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