Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Self Drafted Doctor Who dress

I had been looking at Doctor Who dresses for a while online. I found a really nice dress with a sweet heart bodice and a circle skirt. I looked at a few free online tutorials and patterns for sweet heart bodices but they all seemed really complicated and a lot of effort. So I thought I would try the duct tape method. I bought a roll of duct tape and a cheap t shirt from kmart. I got Tom to wrap me in duct tape. 

The original plan was to get Tom to cut the bodice on the seams. I couldn't breath well with the duct tape around me so I got him to just cut it off. I taped the bodice together around my dress model and marked the seams. 

I traced around the duct tape pieces on some calico and added seam allowance. I made sure it was sitting right then cut  it out in the final fabric.

Here's the bodice assembled. It's lined with navy drill.

This was the original plan for the dress to have a different coloured skirt. I wasn't happy with the look and thought I could squeeze a skirt out of the extra fabric I had bought just in case.

I managed to get the dress out of only 2 yards of fabric from spoon flower. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Here's the dress on the night. It was for our engagement party my mother was wearing my other dress that night.

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